CBD Crystals


Looking for a THC free way to take CBD? Our powdered extract is 99.9% pure CBD. Crystals contain a high concentration of CBD to promote balance and calm in your daily wellness routine. Clean extraction methods remove all other plant ingredients, which makes it a tasteless way to enjoy CBD. The versatile powdered formula allows you to easily customize your dose. We create our extracts using supercritical CO2 clean air technology, so you can trust our products contain no residual solvents or chemical residues. All extracts are organic and chemical-free made under strict quality control in our GMP certified laboratories.


CBD crystals are the cleanest and purest form of CBD available. Otherwise known as CBD isolate. Their popularity is accredited to their versatility and ZERO THC content.
The compound CBD is isolated using the chromatography method. Our clean extraction methods remove CBD from the Hemp extract, leaving behind a 99.9% pure crystalline form of CBD.
CBD crystal harness the pure CBD benefits that can calm and support the stresses of day to day life and promote overall wellness.


If you prefer a more versatile ZERO THC form of using CBD, try our crystals. Use them to create custom doses, they’re an ideal option if you like to be creative.
Mix with a carrier oil: Create your own bespoke CBD oil using a pure carrier oil of your choice
CBD crystals are the most multi-purpose of all Endoca’s CBD products, without any hemp taste.
Please be aware that pregnant women and lactating mothers should not use CBD crystals.


Our CBD crystals are crafted from organic hemp extracts. The attributes that make our hemp extracts organic are the optimal growing conditions, organic soil quality and non GMO seeds we use.
Once our high quality hemp extracts are ready, we further filter them in our GMP certified labs to create our CBD crystals.
CBD crystals are 99% pure CBD. But, what’s the other 1%? Often there are other small amounts of terpenes present; including Myrcene, Limonene, Alpha & Beta pinene and Linalool and B-caryophyllene. These vital terpenes also have beneficial properties and are all natural – the special chemistry between the different botanical substances in the hemp plant work in synergy with one another to bring you increased effects.


Endoca uses methods of superior hemp extraction to create extracts that are of the highest quality. The creation of our crystals uses a method known as chromatography, which works by isolating and purifying cannabinoids – this method is often used to separate THC and CBD from the original hemp plant extract.
Endoca CBD crystals are extracted from our organically grown hemp, at our production facility that holds a Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) Certificate. In line with all Endoca products. Every extract is 3 party tested, so you can trust the quality of each product, as they are produced using only the best production practices.

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CBD Crystals

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