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At Endoca we believe in a 360 approach to health. So, we’ve created our carefully curated CBD packs range with your health journey in mind. Each of our finely crafted packs are here to support you on your route to complete wellness. Whether you’re new to CBD, would like to improve your fitness recovery, or want to enhance your overall nutrition, we have a CBD pack for you. Kick-start your CBD experience and discover your perfect combination, we’re here to help you take the first steps on your CBD journey.


Our CBD packs are designed to give you the best of both worlds. Our packs are a range of carefully selected Endoca products, that allow you to sample the best combination of products to suit your needs.
Not only do they take the hassle out of choosing products the right products for you, they’re also an easier and more cost effective way to meet your health goals. Each CBD pack is crafted to cater to your specific wellness needs. Choose from our diverse range of products, handpicked to suit all kinds of CBD lovers, from beginners to athletes.
All of our CBD packs are quality assured to ensure quality and potency is consistent, product to product. This process allows us to confidently produce CBD packs that are natural, safe and of supreme quality. Here at Endoca we carefully formulate all of our CBD products, so you receive are only the very best CBD, and our packs are no exception..


Newbies to CBD will find our starter CBD pack, contains the best selection of CBD products for those who are unsure about which CBD products to begin with. Try our 3% Raw CBD oil, Raw 3% CBD capsules and our lips + skin balm. If you love the taste of hemp as we do, you may find our CBD oil is best for you, while our capsules offer a tasteless, precise and discreet option. Discover the benefits of both and find the best CBD product for you.
Save on individual products and eliminate the complication of choosing the ‘perfect’ product for you



Our starter pack was created to help answer the often-tricky question for CBD users – which CBD product is best for me?.
Raw Hemp 3% Oil Drops 300mg, Medium (10ml) Raw Hemp Oil Capsules 300mg, Medium (30 capsules) CBD Lips + Skin (20mg)


At Endoca we are chiefly concerned with providing the same pharmaceutical-grade hemp extracts from soil to shelf in all of our products. This is the promise we have made to our community for over a decade. Consistency and transparency are at the very core of everything we do, so you receive the best quality products in your CBD packs too..
We believe in high-quality whole plant extracts. Your health is as important to us as it is to you. So, we deliver only pharmaceutical-grade extracts that are created in our GMP certified labs, using state-of-the-art supercritical CO2 methods of extraction. A proven methodology for clean and safe production, which our customers have learned to trust.
Every product in our CBD packs range is natural, vegan and gluten-free. Produced without GMO or synthetic chemicals..

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CBD Packs

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